The Ironies of The Resolution of Disillusionment and The Cup That Runneth Over

There is unintentional sin in loving a child too much and giving the false assurance that there is always in the world who will remain to be affectionate towards with the child no matter the circumstances maybe.

Then the child will simply grow to an assuming adult thinking that there will be always one person in this world that loves him/her more than anything that the materialistic world could offer. And that adult would think that this person is most deserving of their love.

The irony happens when the child spends his/her entire life searching of a non-existent person with their cup overflowing with love. Such irony because the world would have finally witness a miracle of a person capable of selfless love if only there was someone deserving of it. But being there was no deserving person, then the world would simply think it was a myth.

Such notion is possible, since I was a child who was given love in excess and now that my cup has runneth over with so much love, I have no one to give it to but to myself. If only someone had the courage to give love as much then the world would have been graced of the most simple and rare form of humanistic love. 

Another irony is the resolution of disillusionment wherein one conceives the idea, after a huge folly that includes the matters of the hearts, that they do not want to subject themselves to such a trouble again, only to find themselves in the future making the same folly and hearing their past resolution as if mocking them.

Quite understandable that it is human nature to risk, but resolution are always meant to be strong conclusions. To completely forget a resolution is unforgivable want of stupidity. 

I of course committed the sin of wanting stupidity.

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